Heavy Metal: Three Benefits Of Using Scrap Metal Collection Services To Salvage Scrap From Your Demolition Site


Whether you're demolishing a small family home or an entire apartment block, dealing with the substantial amounts of rubble and waste materials left by a recently destroyed building is one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of any demolition project. However, while this task can be difficult, it can also be surprisingly profitable; many businesses and services are interested in purchasing the valuable materials left over after a successful demolition, and scrap metals are some of the most valuable and sought-after.

Consequently, many individuals and groups in charge of demolishing buildings routinely bring in scrap metal collection companies to salvage and purchase scrap metal from the remains of their demolished buildings. There are many advantages to hiring professional scrap metal collectors:

Salvaging efficiency

The average demolished building contains a wide variety of scrap metal types, and sorting the valuable metals from the worthless detritus can be difficult without a professional eye—for example, wall siding made from coated carbon steel has little value and is very difficult to recycle, while copper tubing taken from plumbing systems and HVAC coolant lines can sell for remarkably high prices.

Hiring a scrap metal collection company ensures that you will always get the best value for your unwanted demolition scrap. These services have the knowledge and experience to quickly determine which scrap metals are worth salvaging and which are not, saving you a lot of time and allowing you to clear your site of demolition rubble and salvage more quickly. Professional oversight also ensures that less-obviously valuable scrap metals (such as vinyl-coated aluminium pipes) are not overlooked, maximising the total value of your salvaged scrap.

Cutting transportation costs

If you are demolishing larger buildings, such as barns or warehouses, the amount of valuable scrap metal left over after demolition can be very substantial, and subsequently both difficult and expensive to transport if you don't happen to have a fleet of cargo vehicles on hand. Having scrap metal collection services work directly on your demolition site means you can cut down on the often-significant costs of transporting your scrap metal to scrapyards and metal merchants. 

On-site scrap metal processing

Many sources of valuable scrap metal are unsuitable for salvaging if they remain in one piece; for example, the average industrial boiler contains large amounts of valuable copper and aluminium, but can only be transported to a scrapyard by the largest heavy goods vehicles. Scrap metal collection services will be able to process these larger sources of scrap metal on-site, stripping them of valuable metals while making the less-valuable leftovers much easier to dispose of.


17 January 2018

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