3 Basic Habits That Affect Your Air Quality

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Have you started sneezing or feeling stuffy every time you get into your house? If you have detected any of these signs, then the problem is poor air quality in your house. Each day, people undertake many activities, and some of them directly affect the quality of air within their homes. As such, the best way to improve the air quality in your home is to avoid the habits discussed below.

Always leaving the windows locked when you leave for work

Many people close all their windows when they leave for work in the morning. The main reason that is given for this habit is that it keeps bad smells from getting into the house. However, leaving the windows locked also has its disadvantage. This is because it prevents air circulation throughout the house. When the windows are open, clean air flows throughout the house and this eliminates any bad smells throughout the house. Considering that the windows are usually closed at night, there is a need for some fresh air during the day. As such, when you open the windows, you will be sure that the air quality in your house will be good when you get back in the evening.

Leaving garbage in the house

Do you leave food remains in the sink? Do you take time to empty the garbage bin?  Leaving uneaten food in the sink might seem harmless, but it's a bad habit. These remains might be the cause of the constant bad smell in your house. Food remains and garbage releases tiny particles that will remain in the air even after you have removed these wastes from the premises. The result will be poor air quality within your house. This problem can be avoided by making sure you remove any garbage on a daily basis and carefully dispose of any food wastes once you are done eating.

Personal habits

Certain personal habits such as smoking also affect the air quality in your house. This is because the smell often lingers for a long time before it disappears altogether. Even if you decide to smoke on the balcony or outdoors, some of the smell will stick to your clothes and this will affect the air quality in your house. In this case, the best way to deal with the issue is to quit smoking or using electric cigarettes that will not affect the air quality in your house.

For more tips on improving the air quality in your home, contact local air quality services for a consultation.


11 January 2018

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